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Monday, 13 May 2013

Samsung galaxy s4 in blue color only for japan version

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The Galaxy S4 is available on the market today in two colors, white frost (frosty white) and Black Mist (Black fog). Like its predecessors, it is possible that new colors appear in a few months. Meanwhile, the range of colors Flip Covers give a touch of fun to your Galaxy S4.

However, a blue version has apparently been spotted in Japan, specifically in the mobile operator DoCoMo. The Arctic Blue Smartphone flagship model year should make its appearance at the operator within a few weeks. According to rumors, it should even be presented on 15 May, in two days, but nothing has been formalized.

Similarly, it seems that the Japanese operator will market very soon the 32GB version of the Galaxy S4. For now, only AT & T, U.S. operator, announced the offer for May 10

We can then expect the arctic blue S4 will be available on the French market a few times, though nothing is certain. Samsung has indeed understood the appeal of its customers for colored smartphones, and even offer the Galaxy S4 Active (waterproof and dustproof) metal orange.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

EDRAM only for soldered processors

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EDRAM only for soldered processors

In addition to the graphic memory, Intel has provided for the GT units at the beginning of the graphics pipeline also a command streamer (CS). This streamer distributed commands either on the new graphics capabilities or the new video front end (VFE). It is can provide not only for image improvement, but encode videos. MPEG-2 dominates the hardware unit, which should bring benefits of streaming DLNA environments. Any formats, also H. 264, that can decode HASWELL, can be cast as in the less challenging MPEG-2 covers old and small.

In addition the developers of the new GPU, have given with many units for special functions are performed in hardware – so far had to emulate Ivy bridge therefore probably among other things the tessellation of the GPU was very slow, with other units. How other DirectX 11 GPUs,  but now a tessellate, and the hull, domain and geometry shader are own units available.
 Despite these improvements, there will be the fastest version of the GPU, GT3, only with right closed systems, because the versions with its own memory should be for desktop PCs in HASWELL CPUs with fixed RAM soldered BGA package. Why this is so, still has not declared Intel. Already a few days ago a list with the emerged however in the Chinese Edition of VR-zone model numbers of the Haswells. Our colleagues of PC Games Hardware have clearly summarized.
Therefore only the HASWELL CPUs with an "R" to bring the HD 5200 graphics unit at the end of the model number as the core i7-4770R that has also EDRAM. From other sources, it is said that even with the notebook CPUs, only some models with four cores with this GPU with its own memory should be equipped.
For this, the desktop Haswells without GT3 GPU are slightly faster if the unofficial data agree with the CPU cores. A core i7-4770 K to 3.5 to 3.9 GHz be fast, but despite smaller GPU need 84 Watts TDP. The core i7 4770R with EDRAM is only 3.2 to 3.9 GHz, is at full load on all cores slower. Its TDP with only 65 Watts is specified.

Friday, 19 October 2012

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Friday, 21 September 2012

Short intro How to use IOS 6 | New Technology

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top 50 IO6 Fatures | New Technology

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top 50 IO6 Fatures | New Technology
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